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5 Tips For Styling Your Fireplace This Festive Season

Adding a dose of warmth and comfort to your home, a fireplace inherently takes the center stage of your home. This makes a fireplace the perfect spot to create a fabulous, festive scene. You can create a warm and inviting display this festive season by using a few simple tricks and ideas to style your fireplace. Allow your friends and family to gather, cozy up, and rejoice in the holiday spirit with a well-styled and decorated fireplace. Following are some great tips and ideas to keep your fireplace fresh and exciting this festive season.


Enliven your festive decor with greenery:

One of the most simple and refreshing ways to style your fireplace is to add a bit of greenery. It remains a refined and elegant way to notch up your festive decor. Start by grounding your decor with a vibrant and refreshing garland upon your mantelpiece. Fir-style garlands or one made with seasonal greenery such as holly and eucalyptus, instantly bring the festive vibe to your home. Opt for long-lasting foliage such as scented pines, ivy, and holly that can bring sweet fragrances, refreshing greens, and a cheerful vibe to your home throughout the season.

Lush greenery also remains a simple yet stunning way to make your fireplace feel abundant and sophisticated. It could add rich colors and textures to enliven your festive decor. Scatter your forged finds such as pine cones, acorns, seedheads, or evergreen branches to bring the beauty and warmth of nature to your fireplace. Another great holiday-inspired idea remains to hang strands of foliage from your mantelpiece. Hang each at varying heights and sprinkle artificial snow to bring a festive cheer to your fireplace.


Add a festive sparkle to your fireplace with tea lights and candles:

A combination of candles and tea lights remains the perfect way to make your holiday decor shine and sparkle. Lending seasonal fragrances and a soft glow, candles can make your fireplace an utterly warm and inviting focal point. Candles are also a great way to add a bit of height and dimension to your mantel decor. Try to group candles of various heights to create an eye-catching display. Another great trick is to arrange your candle in odd numbers. Pillar candles of varying heights, displayed in groups of three can create a stunning display for your fireplace.

To amp up this classy and vibrant display, opt for sparkling and radiant tea lights. Being convenient and versatile, tea lights give you a lot of room to play. You can enclose them in a glass or metallic jar to create an elevated display. Add tea lights to assorted lanterns of different heights to embrace an interesting mix of textures and finishes. You can also combine colored tapers and twisted candles along with tea lights to create a twinkling and enchanting holiday display.


Personalize the fireplace with something sentimental:

The festive season remains the perfect time to embrace old traditions and create new memories. Adding something sentimental to your fireplace decor can enable you to connect with it emotionally. It is the perfect opportunity to display your old photos, ornaments, souvenirs, or even the most cherished pieces of wall art. This nostalgic decor on the fireplace can bring your personality and style to the limelight, and also serve as the perfect holiday display.

Another, great way to personalize your fireplace decor is to hang stockings. Embracing this holiday tradition can go a long way in bringing a nostalgic feel to the decor. Finish it off with personalized name plates and treats to vouch for a powerful and personalized display. You can also opt for DIY or handmade decor items to lend more value and meaning to the decor. Crochet stars, knitted stockings, and handmade paper baubles can all become a trendy and meaningful accessories for your fireplace decor.


Elevate your fireplace with the lively colors and fragrances of a floral bouquet:

A simple yet stunningly beautiful addition to any decor remains a fresh floral bouquet. The vibrant color and refreshing appeal of seasonal blooms can instantly lift up your fireplace decor. It can also instill sweet fragrances into the space to vouch for a romantic and cheerful ambiance. You can opt for white hydrangea and poinsettia, or add a bold pop of red with roses and ivy. Combine it with holly berries and foliage to create a stunning floral arrangement for the fireplace.

The vase or container for your floral bouquet also remains of prime importance. Use it as a tool to tie in your fireplace decor with the rest of the room. For a modern grouping, you can also opt for small vases in varying sizes. Fill the vases with floral blooms, green sprigs, foliage, or even faux botanicals such as pampas grass or pine cones. It would vouch for a rich textural appeal to create an elegant yet enchanting fireplace decor.


Give the perfect finishing touch by styling up the hearth:

When styling a fireplace, our focus is mostly towards decorating the mantelpiece. The hearth or floor of a fireplace generally remains neglected. To create an impactful and cohesive festive display, it is important to dress up the hearth. This specifically works well for electric fireplaces where you can safely play with the floor space, and transform it into a cozy and inviting centerpiece. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is by adding warm and elegant wicker baskets to the hearth. You can add cozy blankets to the basket or fill it with pine cones to add character to your fireplace.

Another, simple yet impactful way to dress up a hearth is to stack beautifully gift-wrapped packages. Use different foils, ribbons, and baubles along with personalized gift tags to create a joyous and vibrant display of your fireplace. If you want to give a super cozy feel to your fireplace, you can also add a small hearth rug in front of the fireplace. Delivering warmth and festive vibes, the fireplace can become the perfect centerpiece of your holiday decor.



A fireplace can be the perfect spot to uplift your holiday ambiance. It delivers much-needed warmth and comfort during the holiday season and inherently serves as the focal point of your festivities. Start by grounding the space with some fresh and lively greenery. Garlands and forged foliage, either hung or placed upon the mantelpiece can instantly liven up your fireplace. You can also opt for floral bouquets that can bring a romantic and cheerful aura to your decor. Finish it off with a little sparkle from candles and tea lights. Arrange these dual-purpose accessories in odd numbers and varying heights to create a modern and enchanting festive display.

Another great trick to make your holiday decor stand out is to display a decor item that connects with you emotionally. This sentimental decor can evoke some great memories and enable your personal to style stand out. Lastly, give the perfect finishing touch to your festive decor by dressing up the hearth. Opt for wicker baskets, gift-wrapped packages, or a small rug to amp up the cozy and cheerful vibe of your fireplace. We at, Luxury Inferno, invite you to check out our unique, modern, and high-quality fireplaces, available at the most competitive prices. Create a warm and elevated centerpiece this festive season with our modern and luxurious range of fireplaces!