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Lyon 4 Sided See Through Gas Fireplace by Sierra Flame
Lyon 4 Sided See Through Gas Fireplace by Sierra Flame
Lyon 4 Sided See Through Gas Fireplace by Sierra Flame
Lyon 4 Sided See Through Gas Fireplace by Sierra Flame

Lyon 4 Sided See Through Gas Fireplace by Sierra Flame

Sierra Flame
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Why Buy From Luxury Inferno
  • The Lyon 4 sided see through gas fireplace uses radiant thermal convention technology. This allows heat from the fire to naturally enter the room using air flow pulled in from the room in combination with variable fans that then propel the convention heated air through the double glass channel. Screen free and cool touch with aesthetic and safety in mind. The Lyon 48” brings the-see thru linear gas fireplace a wonderful new look! Lyon gives you no screens, safe to touch glass, and an incredibly mesmerizing flame, you will love the Lyon. You can connect any room in your house with this fireplace, creating a flow in your home from setting to setting.

  • Double Glass and Screen Free!
  • Full 360 degree view!
    • Clear View: Double wall glass technology Clear View has done away with the need for distractive safety screens. The double shield glass, protects hands from burning, while you can enjoy uncompromised views of your stunning fireplace.Warm Glass System: Safety touch glass The Warm Glass System, skillfully brings the temperature of the glass down below the stringent standard of 172 degrees, while still allowing radiant heat to efficiently heat your room.
    • Easy Clean: No technician is required With the easy maintenance glass removal system, you won’t need a service technician to come and clean our fireplace viewing glass area.Wood and Drywall – Combustibles Okay. Everything is contained within the firebox. Able to finish with combustibles around the fireplace. No special concrete board or metal studs
    • Quick and Simple Installation:No technician is required for cleaning inside the glass. No Heat Dump: There are no vents required behind the wall of the fireplace to dump the built-up heat.
    • NO GAP: With a lot of fireplaces, they need to create an escape for the heat to vent out. To do this they leave a gap at the top of the fireplace wall to create a crown to hide the opening. A gap is not necessary.
      Your wall will not have any intake or exhaust louvres to break up the look.


    Sierra Flame fireplaces came about because Brian Richards saw a need in the marketplace for gas fireplaces with contemporary, stylish, and innovative designs. That was over a decade ago, and today, Sierra Flame is one of the most popular makes out there. The models and style on this website are a culmination of nearly four decades of experience in the fireplace and heating industry.

    Like its sister company, Amantii electric fireplaces, Sierra Flame now has buyers from around the globe, from North America to Europe, and Asia to Australia and New Zealand. Many buyers agree that Sierra Flame gas fireplaces are the pinnacle of style and functionality.